Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are you connected to the BioBlog?

Hey there, send me a quick note telling me and your classmates something about yourself.

Me? I love to sing and I enjoy hearing about new bands. See if you can figure out where I am in that shot of my a Capella group.

You should be able to sign into blogger using your College Prep email. Please include your name & period in your posting name so I can easily tell if you're in 5th or 6th period biology. Thanks!


  1. Period 5 Kelly Zhang

    Hi, I'm Kelly. I love running and swimming and I'm on the CPS cross country and swim teams.
    This summer I worked at a University Pharmaceutical lab for two weeks.
    I like cookies and cream ice cream.

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  3. Hi I'm Saki Kitadai. I love playing basketball and running (short distances) for the school teams and I'm also on the volleyball team.
    I spent my summer at a medical camp in UCLA, and my favorite candy is Skittles.

    -Saki Kitadai Period 5

  4. Hi, I'm Nina. I love to golf, and have horrendous tan lines to prove it. I have 4 pets: 3 cats and a dog. One of my cats we found under our house when it was 2 weeks old. I also love to bake, especially cupcakes.

    -Nina Fairbairn, Period 6

  5. Hi I'm Dom. I like to ski and play baseball. This summer I went to London and Paris for 3 weeks.

  6. Hi, I'm Dina. I love sprinting and long jumping on the CPS track team. I also like doing flips on trampolines. This summer, I worked at Partners at CPS and went to Europe. My favorite food invention is Nutella.

    -Dina Blanter, Period 6

  7. Hello everyone! I'm Crystal. I love dancing! HIP HOP is my specialty. I also love watching the HGTV channel because I'm in love with interior design. Lastly, I enjoy hanging out with family.

  8. Hey
    I'm Kiril. I'm in Period 6.
    I like exercising and playing and listening to music.
    This summer, I volunteered at the Bay Area Alternative Press in Berkeley and the National Radio Project in Oakland.
    I just had a delicious smoothie consisting of vanilla ice cream, half and half, ice and a lot of honeydew

  9. hi. im kiren - p 5
    i dance. bhangra. competitively. and i was captain of a collegiate team. so yeah :)

  10. Hi I'm Elsa. I like photography and writing. This summer I went to the University of Michigan for 7 weeks of debate camp.
    I like watermelon and pandas.

  11. Hi, I'm Amanda. I love to run cross country and track. This summer I did PARTNERS and ran. I am a chocoholic and love ice cream.

    -Amanda Period, 6

  12. Hi, I'm Sissy. I like singing and making cute stuff. This summer I went to Denmark with my choir and interned at a graphic design company. Also, I want a pink cockatoo, but they cost $2,000.
    -Sissy, period 5

  13. Hey everyone! My name is Khanh. I like dancing. This summer I did Partners too. I absolutely love bunnies.

    -Khanh, 5th period

  14. Hi, I'm Henry.

    I love to sing and and have been doing so for almost ten years. I also love cycling and race on the road. This summer I went to Russia and the Baltics for 3 weeks with my choir. Then I went to a week long USA Cycling Junior Development Camp which was a whole lot of fun.

  15. HI I'm Lukas and I like lots of different sports. This summer I worked as a riverguide in Idaho.

  16. I'm Zane, and I like painting, reading, computer science, and hanging out with friends. I spent three weeks in the blistering east coast heat this summer. I'm in period 6.

  17. Hey, I'm Clare. I'm in 6th period. I like softball, reading, ice cream, bacon, and friends. I also really enjoy the words cheese and pants... they make everything funnier.

    Nice to meet you!

  18. Hey I'm Saehee and this summer I had a Japanese exchange student for a week and I also visited the Grand Canyon. I run cross country and swim! Winston is my friend. I have a dog and my favorite food is pasta.

    "Do is my bro"-Winston

  19. Hi, I'm Pinkie and I'm in 6th period.
    I've been playing flute for 8 years, and I love playing chamber music and jazz. This summer I went to New York for a week, volunteered at a summer school, participated in a performing arts camp, went camping at Big Sur, and taught myself how to whistle.

  20. Hello, there!
    I love music --ask anyone. Apparently I sing a lot, but I'm never actually aware when I'm singing.
    I volunteer at the American Red Cross and at a day-care center.
    I really want a Japanese Spitz.
    Oh, and I really like Haribo Fizzy Colas.

    Cassie, Period 6

  21. hi, I'm Veronica.
    I swam 30 hours a week for the past five years. but I ended up with tendonitis in both shoulders so now I coach instead.
    this summer I took a dance intensive.
    also I love music and I think bats are cute

  22. Hi, I'm Darren! I hang out in 5th period bio and I'm addicted to chocolate and protein shakes.
    I really love to sing; I've been in a choir since first grade. I also really love to run. I went to a intensive cross country camp at Stanford University this summer hosted by the college's team. I also went to Peru and visited Machu Picchu and the Amazon!

  23. Hey,
    My name's Nathan. I'm always hungry but my parents don't care. Over the summer I went to Europe. Then me and some friends got mugged. I like ancient languages and playing tennis.

    -Nathan, Period 6

  24. Salutations,
    My name is Jazmine. I have 7 pets.
    Over the summer I apprenticed at the Museum Of Children's Art in Oakland and I built a bust of Darth Vader out of paper Mache and black plastic bags.
    I am afraid of butterflies.

  25. Hey blog!
    My name is Emma/Georgia/Georgemma. (Yep, that confuses me too. Maybe one day I'll be more decisive. Hahaha) I love salsa dancing, surfing, and swimming. I also dance west african, haitian, and hip hop, all of which I adore.
    Cheers to a great year!

  26. Hi, I'm Victoria. I'm blonde. I like glowing bunnies and food and music and bunnies that are food. I'm not a vegetarian. I like Fenton's coffee cookie dream ice cream. I also like friends. Like Kiril.

  27. Hello i'm freddy. i will varnish your deck for money.go biology!