Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapters coverd 1st Semseter

Unless specific sections are listed for a chapter, you are responsible for the whole chapter.

1 The Science of Biology
2.0-2.5 Evolution & Darwin
3 The Chemistry of Life
4 Molecules of Life
5 Cells
6 Energy and Life
7.1-7.5 Photosynthesis
8 How Cells Harvest Energy from Food
9.1-9.4 Mitosis
10 Meiosis
11 Foundations of Genetics
12 DNA: The Genetic Material
13.1-13.3 From Gene to Protein
17 Evolution & Natural Selection
18 How We Name Living Things

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tree of Life Video

This 10 minute video is a great overview of phylogenetic trees, current research done by evolutionary scientists and it's full of pretty & interesting pictures!

Watch by clicking here, then post a comment about some aspect of the video.