Monday, October 25, 2010

Aerobic Respiration: 2nd Step: the Krebs Cycle

Which sugar does yeast like best?

Instructions for Yeast Lab write-up. Click Here.
Meta questions for your intro:
Why is respiration important to cells?
What kinds of respiration can yeast perform?
Explain those forms of respiration, in detail.
Which yeast does sugar like best?

Write-up Due Thursday, October 28th.
Email it to me by class time, saved as "yourName_RespirationLab.docx"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Organelle Outlines

Click HERE for a pdf of the Organelle Outlines.

Remember that the monomers and the different macromolecules they make up are also a part of this unit when you're studying. Most of that information is in Chapter 4 in our text.

I will try to respond to my email promptly this weekend if you have questions, but I encourage you to post your questions to this blog, so that your classmates might be able to answer them for you.

Happy Studying!

Link to the Inner Life of the Cell video.