Thursday, April 14, 2011

Endocrine System: Hormones!

This coming week we'll be delving into the endocrine system; looking at hormones and how they function. One of the best examples of hormones and how they function is found in understanding our reproductive systems: how we develop to become sexually mature, and how we regulate our reproductive systems once they are "online," so to speak.

I am fascinated and amazed by what our bodies do, and look forward to discussing them in class. That being said, I realize it can be difficult to talk about (or watch videos about) some of these things. So I am asking you to watch the 45 minute episode of Body Story embedded below so that we can use it as a basis for our discussion, but not have the awkwardness of watching it together in class.

You should have finished watching it by class time on Tuesday, April 19th.

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